About Us

Child Accident Prevention Trust

The Child Accident Prevention Trust is the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents.

The need for our work

We exist because accidents are a leading cause of childhood death and serious injury.  Accidents are the second biggest killer of children in the UK. Six children and young people die every week. 2,000 more are admitted to hospital every week because they’ve been injured in accidents. Some are left scarred for life or permanently disabled.

Our vision and values

Our role is to help people understand the real risks to children’s safety and gain skills in managing those risks.

We look at the data on childhood accidents and raise awareness of what kills, disables and seriously injures children and young people, so that prevention efforts are focused.

Rather than ‘wrapping children up in cotton wool’, we argue for the creation of safer environments, where children can live actively and develop healthily.

We help people understand child development in relation to accidents – for example, children have difficulty judging speed and distance until they are at least eight years-old. And we raise awareness of what we can all do to create more child-friendly environments.

What we do

We make a difference by:

  • Spreading knowledge and changing behaviour
  • Supporting staff in local communities
  • Providing a centre of specialist knowledge
  • Running Child Safety Week (see www.childsafetyweek.org.uk for more details)

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  • Updates on our new resources, events and projects.

To join our mailing list please visit our website at www.capt.org.uk and click on Join our mailing list.

About this website

This website is about helping young children to develop road safety awareness. So they can develop basic skills to stay safe during their early years – which they can build on as they grow older and eventually become independent road users.

And it’s about helping adults to polish up their own road safety awareness – so they can communicate the right messages to children and young people. It also aims to help adults increase their understanding of how young children learn, so they can develop the most effective ways of teaching road safety awareness.

Mind the Road was developed by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. It was produced with the support of the Department for Transport.

Thanks are due to the National Childminding Association who provided valuable support in the development of these resources. Also thanks are due to Oxford Road Safety Team, and Manchester City Council Road Safety and Traffic Section, for sharing materials and information about working with young children on road safety issues.