Childminders Speak

Childminders speak

In these lively interviews, experienced childminders share their ideas about teaching road safety to children in their care. They don’t claim to have all the answers but they have helpful suggestions about how to:

  • Combine fun and learning
  • Identify hazards and assess risks
  • Spot opportunities to develop awareness
  • Check out children’s understanding of concepts
  • Tackle tricky issues – like seat belt un-doers!
  • Involve parents in the learning process

In Building Knowledge Safely Mark Shepherd explains how he helps children to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves on the roads – while making sure they are kept safe.

Charlotte Atkins talks about the activities, games and routines she uses to create safety knowledge, and prepare children for contact with traffic.

Keep them belted! What do you do when clever little fingers start undoing belts, or children refuse to wear their belts? Childminders explain their tips for tackling this tricky issue.

Arthur Coote feels passionate about using every opportunity to ensure children enjoy the outdoors and learn about road safety at the same time.