Children’s Resources

Children’s resources

Use these colourful activities to introduce children to key road safety concepts. Each activity has ideas about how to test out children’s understanding, and how to extend their learning to real-life settings. No doubt you’ll think of new ways to build on this learning, which are best suited to the ages and personalities of the children you work with.

Most of these activities are geared towards creating awareness and understanding with children from about the age of four and above. However they can also be used with younger children who will be able to take part in certain aspects of the activity, and gain familiarity with the words and concepts used. 

Songs are a great way to familiarise children with words and concepts – such as ‘pavement’ and ‘kerb’. Our Sunny Safety Song will help you identify opportunities for using and making up your own songs around all aspects of road safety.

Get children thinking about the difference between Fast and Slow by using these lively illustrations of animals and vehicles. You can then start applying these concepts to the traffic children see on the roads.

Children won’t be able to understand the need for being visible to traffic if they don’t grasp the concept of Light and Darkness. These illustrations of shapes in the dark becoming more recognisable in the light, will help children start to recognise these key concepts.

Our story about Jonty Cat visiting his uncle in the little blue house, is designed to help children begin to understand the complex issue of Near and Far  – and how size changes with distance.

The Safe and Dangerous places to play maze provides opportunities to talk to children about what makes a place ‘safe’ or ‘dangerous’ – and helps them identify safe places to play.